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– “Elizabeth can be thought of as a literary version of Austen who sought intellectual challenges…by some accounts, unwilling to marry solely for economic security and social wealth.”

-“Her sister Cassandra can be likened to Jane in that she was beautiful, talented and did not want for suitors.”

Jane Austen…Game Theory Author?

-“Mrs. Bennet, a mother eager to marry off her five daughters, sends her oldest, Jane, on horseback to a neighboring estate, even though she’s aware a storm is on the way. “Mrs. Bennet knows full well that because of the rain, Jane’s hosts will invite her to spend the night, thus maximizing face time with the eligible bachelor there, Charles Bingley”

-“Indeed, the entire plot of “Pride and Prejudice,” which ranked second in a 2002 BBC poll of the 200 best novels in the English language, can be seen as a series of manipulations and schemes, Chwe contends.”

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