Throughout the novel as well as the movie, the mention of any type of nautical activity is never found, so why is it that with in the movie Mr. Bennet has seemed to acquire a random small sailboat? The goal of this page is to let us think a little more out side of the box. Let’s get creative: make stories, create hypothesis. Why is it there? It is up for all interpretations on the matter.

Random Boat
Random Boat

1: It is possible that Mr. Bennet has dreams of sailing across oceans but can not afford a mighty ship. So instead once daily he takes time away from his family and goes down to the pond where he sails around, captain of his own boat. The reason for it being up in the yard by the house is he had recently run aground on a rock by the edge of the pond. He was trying to patch up the leak or have the servants do it for him so that he could once again sail the mighty pond.

2: The boat was to be a wedding present from Mr. Collins in the case of Elizabeth having said yes, but due to her saying no, he takes it away.

3: The boat is something the director threw in the scene to show that it was about to be the “rainy season.”

4: The boat is possibly just something that Elizabeth is daydreaming about and is not actually there at all. Which explains why she is on the swing for so long, she sits there and daydreams, pondering on life.

5: I think the boat is simply there to symbolize something very intellectual, like the idea and meaning of “where am I going from here?”. The idea of a boat typically would symbolize emotions and intuition, but with this boat being out of water, I think it needs to be incorporated into what Elizabeth’s actions are in this scene. She is reflecting on her life in a swing, probably asking herself “Where am I going from here?”

6: It’s like the saying fish out of water, the idiom used to describe to a person who is unfamiliar with their surroundings. There was a lot happening in Elizabeth’s life and she was just uncomfortable with it all. The boat represents her being out of her comfort zone.

7: The boat belonged to Mr. Bennet’s father- he inherited it when his father died and always had an aspiration to sail it like his father did.  With 5 daughters, however, he has not found the time and thus the boat has resorted to rotting away in the mud.

8: The boat was a symbol of youth from Elizabeths past. This scene is when Elizabeth has heard that Mr. Collins is marrying Charlotte and realizes that she isn’t a young girl anymore. The boat is small, so maybe it was a fun activity to pretend to be sailing at the sea when the girls were younger. Elizabeth is reflecting on her life as she wonders who will she marry in the future, if it wasn’t Mr. Collins.

9: He’s a bored old man. he makes boats in his free time because he’s bored, his wife probably bought it for him so he could have something to do. The director probably put that in there because it’s funny since he lives with 6 women and needs a hobby like most old men have.

10: During that period, the British navy was very powerful and prestigious. Perhaps Mr. Bennet had dreams of being in the British navy but instead he got married, knocked up his wife and had 5 children.

11: Mr. Bennet is very wealthy and has a lot of money. In Britain water is a common form of transportation and it’s probable that he bought it to sail around for fun.

12: Maybe a flood happened and the boat washed away from where it was before and ended up stuck there. Mr. Bennet could have just let it sit because it would have been too much of a hassle to move it somewhere else.

13: The boat was a gift given to Mrs. Bennet from Mr. Bennet at the time of their engagement. It was a simple display of wealth as there is no nearby harbor to sail in; the family now keeps it out back with the pigs as a reminder that love comes with a price.

14. The boat is showing the viewers the thought that’s going through Elizabeth’s mind. She is wanting to get away from all that’s going on around her and so she wouldn’t have to worry about marrying anyone or letting her family down.

15: Personally, I think the boat was put into the scene to show the families level of wealth in yet another way. When you see the boat, it shows that clearly the family is wealthy enough to own a nice little sailboat that was most likely relatively expensive to purchase. On the other side, it also shows that they are not crazy wealthy because it is a very small sailboat.

16. I think that the boat is a symbol of Lizzie freedom. As a boy is able to sail on the waters and able to go where ever the person wanted. In other worlds Lizzie loved the fact that it could do almost what ever she wanted. But in the clip above the boat is stuck on the land unable to go anywhere. Thus showing that Lizzie frees trapped in that she has to marry someone.

17. Mr. Bennet, when he was in his younger days, aspired to be the worlds most deadly pirate king. Obviously, this boat was just his started boat. He purchased this after saving up for a few years and abandoning his parents and going off all on his own. He had always heard tales of pirates roaming the high seas, and longed for a life with meaning. So Mr. Bennet set off on his small boat in search of pirates. One day a large ship was coming upon him. He was not afraid, he was excited. The pirates took him aboard for questioning. They beat him and tore his spirits down. When they heard of his dreams of becoming a deadly pirate, the captain and crew simply laughed in his face. Seeing his naivety and innocence, they decided to just let him back onto his ship, assuming he would never make it back to shore alive on that P.O.S. ship. Mr. Bennet, devastated after having his dreams crushed and body bruised, set said for home. He had no idea which way that was, so he decided it did not matter and he would just try to start a new life. Little did the pirates know, Mr. Bennet had managed to swipe some gold debloons off of the deck of the ship. He finally came across a port in Britain and decided to now become a wealthy family man. After purchasing his home, he meets Mrs. Bennet and their life starts to pick up. He has never spoken of his crushed past to any of his family. He just keeps the boat around to remind him of why he puts up with his family.