Compare and contrast the character roles between Pride and Prejudice and Bride and Prejudice.

Lizzie/ Lalita

Lizzie/Lalita are similar in the fact that they are continuously represented as very intelligent, but suppressed by the cultural or societal expectations surrounding them expecting for women to be unintelligent

Lydia /Lahki
In both media, Lydia and Lahki are both annoying and flirtacious. In Bride and Prejudice, Lahki met Wickham through Lalita. In addition, Lahki stole Wickham from Lalita. In the original, Lydia did not start dating Wickham until after Elizabeth and Wickham stopped talking.

Collins / Kholi

Like Mr. Collins, Mr. Kohli can be viewed as a metaphor for arranged marriage and the idea of marrying for money. also, they are noted as being not very intelligent

Charlotte / Chandra

Bing Lee / Balraj

Caroline / Karin

Wickham / Wickham

Darcy / Darcy

In both, Mr. Darcy is still, at the beginning, seen as a stuck-up, rich man who doesn’t care for anyone. The difference is Mr. Darcy in B&P, has more emotion throughout the story as well as he is American and doesn’t care for the Indian culture. Mr. Darcy in P&P is English and doesn’t seem to care for Elizabeth. One focuses more on the religion while the other, the girl.

Mrs. Bennet / Mrs. Bakshi

Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Bakshi are very similar in their role in the two adaptation,both have the same goal which is to get their daughters married. They’ll do anything in their power to find someone for their daughters.

Mr. Bennet / Mr. Bakshi

Bride and Prejudice Vs. Pride and Prejudice