Below is a chance for you the reader/viewer to express your feelings in the form of a small review. Consider this the Yelp for the works and adaptations of Jane Austen. (Please keep comments in the appropriate fields below).

Bride & Prejudice

-If you are looking for a great adaptation to the original works of Jane Austen brought into a more modern day light you will definitely love this movie. It keeps ones attention throughout the movie with a great story line, dance numbers, and many other quirky Bollywood style moments sparkled throughout the movie.

-Kind of thought it was cheesy.. The dancing and singing distracted the viewers from the storyline.  I felt like I was watching a sequel to High School Musical.  This New York Times Review depicts how I felt about the movie as well:

-I agreed about the movie being a little bit cheesy..In a movie musical there should be a balance of singing and a story.But with the Bride & Prejudice it kind of goes a bit overboard with both the singing and dancing in the movie.

-In this film, Gurinder Chadha does a great job of turning Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice into a modern styled Bollywood production. She does a great job of using the famous high spirited Bollywood style, while mixing in the new media of today to make a great modern representation of Pride and Prejudice.

-I agree that this film was cheesy with a little bit too much singing and dancing, but I think it put an interesting and cultural twist on pride and prejudice to give us another view of the theme.

-I think this film was a successful because it engaged the viewers into a modern day Pride and Prejudice. I actually understood this film and didn’t get bored watching it.

Pride & Prejudice Book

-Classic book that everyone should read at least once.

– One of the best books written in my opinion; Jane Austen intertwines wit and humor to the romance story between Elizabeth and Darcy along with challenging popular society standards of women and marriage during that time.

-Honestly an good book to have the chance to read. If given the choice of reading the pride and prejudice I most likely wouldn’t even open the book. The drama that the Bennet goes through is what keep me interested in reaching the end of the book. Such as Lizzie try to figure out her feelings for Mr. Darcy before and after the letter.

-This book does a great job of keeping an entertaining love story throughout the novel. Instead of just focusing on one couple, it goes the extra mile and focuses on several young couples, and the troubles they go through to find true love and happiness.

-This book was a good book to read, but I have to say I fell asleep reading it a couple of times. It was a great love story but not enough to keep the reader engaged. When Lydia ran off with Wickham probably was the best part of the entire story.

Pride & Prejudice Movie 2005

– A near accurate representation of Jane Austen’s original work, well known Actress Keira Knightley staring as Elizabeth in a stunning performance. A definite must see!

-By far the best film adaptation of the book.  After picking this movie apart bit by bit, I have a much deeper appreciation for this film.  The way the director uses subtle filming techniques to fully portray Darcy and Elizabeth’s story really carries over to the audience- and you feel such a deep connection to both characters as you root for them all the way through the movie to their happy ending.

-In this film adaption of Pride and Prejudice, I thought that it was a tremendous production that was made. There were so many things in the film that you could look at that made you stop and think, and the camera work did a great job of showing the different emotions characters were feeling throughout the film.

-This film made me understand the book a lot more. It was a annotation for everything we had read and an awesome love story.

-One first must read the book first before they choose to watch the movie. By doing that they will get a better view of the movie.

Lost in Austen

-A hilarious take on Pride and Prejudice where a modern 21st century women living in London switches places with Elizabeth Bennet.  A very entertaining “What if…” series that I highly recommend one should watch.

-It was nice to see a different version of Pride and Prejudice. While at the same time showing the past and modern world technology and clothing. It was a funny side movie for us to watch.


Lizzy Bennet Diaries

-May not be for everyone.

-The classical tale of Pride and Prejudice put into modern time. Thought it was a good representation of today’s society with audience interaction and different character perspectives. There were parts though that did run a little cheesy, however overall, it was a good representation of an old text.

-Well done modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.  The characters are easily likable and I like how the audience was able to interact with the show.

-The Lizzy Bennet Diaries were an interesting view point of a modern version. The only problem with those video diaries were the fact that they only talked about what was going to happen and after. It could have been better if they had Mr. Darcy be in the video diary.

-Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the Lizzy Bennet Diaries. They were a short and sweet version of Pride and prejudice that took the original story and put its own twist on it that I believe was done well.

-The Lizzie Bennet Diaries created an interesting take on a classic novel. Transforming it into a Youtube channel allowed for much more insight to the characters than given in a lot of other renditions. The later plot twists put into the series brings the novel out of the 1800s and into a modern setting.

-The Lizzie Bennet Dairies was by far the funniest of them all. It brought a sense of humor to the original version of the story.

-Good watch for people who can laugh at themselves and what the world we live in has become. It still relates to the book it just has a little feminism thrown into it!