One big part of different cultures around the world is the fashion that the people who inhabit these different parts wear. As I watched Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly I become so aware of what everyone was wearing from their shoes to their gloves. So when we started to watch Bride and Prejudice I was even more intrigued to see all the different colors and fabrics of their clothes.

This page is being created to allow differences in each outlet, such as the novel, Bride and Prejudice, or the Lizzie Bennett Diaries or anything else that we have viewed, to be shown in a new light through images. Wether its the fashion or the makeup or the scenery we should look at a new aspect of each adaptation and compare them in a new way.

I believe that this will help us better understand the characterization of each adaptation by giving us a little background on each stories culture. The story part may still be the same but the characters themselves seem to be quite different maybe its because of where they’re from or from the time they are from!

word press

Brown colors, dull, light red embroidery on her scarf, not too concerned on appearance, hair a mess

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Bright colors, jewels, lots of accessories, scarf patterned, hair clean and pulled back