This page is created to debate between the similarities and differences between the Lizzie Bennet diaries an the movie Bride & Prejudice. Bride & Prejudice takes place in India and it shows how the story would be when India culture meets western culture, in a love & romance that is captivating for the viewers to see. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries take place in the United States in a more modern time period, which represents it characters in a different way that Bride & Prejudice does.

Because Bride and Prejudice takes place in India, it has more focus on modern societal issues and perspective clashes (mainly arranged marriages) were the LBD does not.  In India, it is socially acceptable to have arranged marriages- in fact many women feel pressure to accept an arranged marriage to a man who is financially stable in order to have financial security in their life.

-One thing that I thought that was very similar in both works was the extreme desire that women had to find love, and also the need parents had to have their daughters married off as early as possible.

-One of the biggest differences that I saw between the 2 works was the difference in cultures. In the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, all of the characters have a lot of things going on in their lives like school and work, while in Bride and Prejudice, the primary focus of the film is the community and the love story.

– The music and dancing in Bride and Prejudice gave the movie more of a modern edge over the Lizzie Bennet Dairies. Bride and Prejudice showed the viewers more of the Indian culture.

-Lizzie is more vocal with how she feels and Lalita is very secretive. For an example, Lizzie uses a webcam to tell her story and express her feelings to other people on a bigger platform than Lalita does. Lalita uses emailing as a way to show her feelings or she talks to certain people about how she feels.

  • It’s more important for Lalita to get married than Lizzie, because in her culture marriage is really important, not so in Lizzie’s culture. Lalita parents are depending on her marriage to help them out financially and for her to find love. Not so much in Lizzie’s family where mom just wants her to fall in love.