Theme: refers to the main idea or underlying meaning of a literary work; a literary work can have major and minor themes

Some themes through P&P include love, marriage, and friendship




Nemesis: refers to the situation where the good character gets rewarded for their good deeds while the bad character gets punished for their wrong doings (poetic justice)

Example: Lizzy’s nemesis would be her struggles with her pride and prejudice throughout the novel.



Setting: the environment or location in which a story takes place; has important effect on characters and plots

Example: Pride and Prejudice is set in the early 1800s, the understanding of this changes the way a reader understands the customs, traditions, and mannerisms throughout the novel


Motif: a reoccurring image, sound, action, or other figure that has symbolic significance and contributes to the development to the theme


Foil:  a character that shows qualities that contrast with other character with the objective to highlight traits of the other character, may also compare to each other


Lalita & Her Sister’s Love

Lalita and her sisters may fuss and fight with each other on multiple occasions, but they have each other back no matter what. They all want each other to find love and Lalita even goes out her way to make sure that Lahki is even happy with Mr. Wickham and to make sure to help her out financially as well as her  two other sister to. There love for one another because it shows that a tight bond can overcome anything.

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Mr. Bingley’s Black Suit

Mr. Bingley wears a traditional western black suit to show his love for western society and culture.  He also wants to stand so he can impress the women. Him wearing the black suit shows how both Western society collides with India ‘s society and culture and signifies a lot in the movie.

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Lalita & Darcy Flirt

Lalita and Mr. Darcy both attend a pre-wedding party and they immediately spot each other. They were flirting with one another the whole night, and even shared a dance with another. Their lust and love for each other was eminent for one another. You can tell that they were flirting with each other, because he kept staring in each other’s eyes. Their love for one another for evident and there for everyone to see.

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Pride & Prejudice Zombies

The zombie movie of Pride & Prejudice is very intriguing and looks very entertaining to view. The movie trailer shows Elizabeth and her sisters fighting zombies to protect her family. It’s very intriguing because it shows Elizabeth and sisters exhibiting a lot more masculine traits than the original movie Pride & Prejudice and the novel itself. The movie shows Elizabeth in a more leadership role than the novel portrays her as a normal England housewife and that to me if very interested to see. instead of seeing her as an average English woman in the movie.

The trailer indeed was an interesting thing to watch and something different from what we have seen about the Pride and Prejudice. Cause before seeing this the story has always been considered a love story but now there are some horror with some action.

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